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Overview: Leadership Academy

The Business Report Executive Leadership Academy has become a sought-after, energizing and career-enhancing program. Offered twice yearly, in the spring and fall, the program is presented in five sessions on Fridays. Class size is limited to ensure a personalized experience.

This exclusive program for advancing professionals and entrepreneurs offers the best of personal development, professional growth, leadership exposure and insight from guest CEO speakers. High performers are nominated by their CEO to participate in the academy to elevate their leadership skills. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can also apply.

This unique learning experience will enable participants to grow via:

  • Personal and professional development, leveraging innate leadership strengths.
  • Guest speakers who provide leadership exposure and fresh perspectives.
  • A professional network of like-minded peers from a cross section of industries and organizations.

The Business Report Executive Leadership Academy is an application-based program now accepting applicants for the Fall 2021 Session. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can also apply. The application form can be found here. Once accepted, the candidate will receive a congratulatory email along with a link to complete a biography form. Those unable to attend the next session due to space limitations will be notified of the next application period.

Professionals with a minimum of 3 years of business experience and/or manage a team, and who are on the fast track for increased responsibility at any level of an organization are eligible for the academy. The attendees will represent a wide variety of industries as well as the nonprofit and government sectors.

$3,850, which includes program fee, course materials and meals. Payment of tuition is acknowledgement that the registrant has read and accepted all terms and conditions stated above.